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Wasps are one of the most notorious pests to find in or around your property. They have a bad reputation for a good reason – they have a nasty sting and they can use it even when they haven’t been provoked. Many people are also allergic to wasp stings, making the quick removal of a nest essential.

Wasps can cause lots of problems if you have curious young children or pets living with you. It’s all too easy for them to end up getting some very serious stings. You should also be very careful to stay away from wasps’ nests yourself, as multiple stings can be dangerous.

What to do About a Wasp Nest

You should never attempt to remove a wasps’ nest yourself. It will almost definitely result in multiple stings and can be a very dangerous process. Always leave wasp removal to the pest professionals.

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A Few Facts About Wasps – and Why you Need to Get Rid of Them

  • If a nest is left alone, it could contain up to 20,000 wasps!
  • Wasps will frequently build nests in and around buildings. Some of the most common places to find a nest are:
    • Sheds and garages
    • Trees
    • Lofts or roofs
    • Bird boxes
  • Wasp nests may appear flimsy but they are actually incredibly well made. They’re strong and resilient in all types of weather. They’re difficult to destroy unless you know what you’re doing.
  • Wasps are especially dangerous as they can sting continuously. This can end up causing some nasty injuries and could make you very ill.

The most helpful thing you can do is try to see where a nest is located. It might be difficult to spot the actual nest and you may simply notice more wasps than usual around your property. Watch where they are going and see if there are any holes they are going into. This is usually a good indication of a nest site. Don’t wait too long though – the most important thing is to get in touch with us ASAP to arrange for the removal of the nest.