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Spider infestations are a growing problem in the UK. We now have to deal with a whole host of newly-arrived spider species that have made the country their home – and that’s on top of the many native species we already have! Very few spiders are dangerous to humans but if they do bite, this can cause pain and irritation. They’re generally unpleasant creatures to have around your home or business, so if you have too many spiders sharing your space, let us know. We can put together a solution to rid you of spiders in no time at all.

How Many is Too Many?

Of course, it’s perfectly normal to find the odd spider web around your house. The problem comes when there are too many spiders and they begin to cause a problem for you. Here are some ways you can tell if you have a problem with spiders:

  • You are finding webs all the time. You shouldn’t find that your property is constantly covered in spiders’ webs.
  • You clear webs away but they reappear very quickly. This suggests the presence of multiple spiders in the building.
  • You see lots of spiders around your home. The occasional one or two spiders shouldn’t cause any alarm. If you’re seeing them all the time though, you may have a larger problem on your hands.

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Spider infestations are most common in autumn and winter. Spiders move indoors to nest in the warmth, so you’re more likely to encounter problems around this time of year. Adult spiders will also be fully grown and easily visible so you’re likely to become aware of their presence.

Whether you’ve discovered a whole host of house spiders or found a False Widow, we can help. We can identify where the root of your spider problem is, find the right treatment and make sure they are gone for good. Call the team to let us know how we can help.