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Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer Dogs

Using sniffer dogs is a revolutionary service for detecting bed bugs. These pests are becoming an increasing problem in domestic and commercial settings throughout the UK, making it more important than ever to uncover and treat infestations rapidly. Sniffer dogs can identify bed bugs easily and non-invasively, making it quicker than ever before to treat the problem and restore your property to its previous condition.

Ninja Pest Control regularly makes use of sniffer dogs to find bed bugs for our clients. We are very proud to offer this relatively new and forward-thinking service – anything that helps us to solve pest problems quickly and easily is always a positive step for us. We will be able to bring sniffer dogs to your property to help us identify bed bugs and put together a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

How Can Sniffer Dogs Help?

Bed bugs are a very common problem and anyone can suffer from them. It doesn’t matter how clean your property is – if you have been in contact with bed bugs elsewhere, such as in a hotel or in a friend’s home, you can very easily introduce them to other areas.

The main problem is identifying them. This is especially challenging in larger properties where the insects could easily be concealed. Sniffer dogs can be brought in to search for bed bugs and alert us to their presence, allowing us to treat the areas that require eradication.

Bed bugs might not be obvious until the infestation has become serious. Sniffer dogs will be able to identify them early on, allowing treatments to be carried out quickly and in a more focused and methodical manner. Our technicians will make a note of any positive reactions from the dogs that indicate the presence of bed bugs, and will then return to treat the affected areas.