Silverfish Pest Control London, Silverfish Removal & Treatment



Silverfish are unhygienic pests to have around. They will often be found in large numbers, causing problems for everyone inside a property. If you spot silverfish, act fast before they have time to start breeding.

Silverfish are commonly found in dark or damp areas. Homes are especially prone to silverfish infestations as they love the kinds of conditions found in kitchens and bathroom. They will also go looking for food in these areas, so a rapid increase in numbers is common.

Silverfish will happily live in any dark and quiet environment, putting businesses at risk too. That disused cupboard or storeroom could create the perfect breeding ground.

How Can you Spot Silverfish?

Silverfish are light grey in colour and resemble fish in the way they move. If you spot an insect that matches this description in a dark or damp place, the likelihood is you have found a silverfish.

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Why are Silverfish a problem?

Silverfish look harmless enough but they are actually very unhygienic pests to have around, especially if you have a large infestation. One lone silverfish might not seem like a problem – that is, until it starts breeding. It is important to remove silverfish before this happens.

What Should you do if you Find Silverfish?

The best thing to do is get in touch with the pest control experts at Ninja. We will act rapidly to rid you of silverfish and keep them a bay in future. Here is what we will do:

  • We will work to rid your property of silverfish by using a sugary bait to attract them. This is mixed with insecticides to make sure all silverfish are eradicated.
  • We will look into the cause of your silverfish problem and help find ways to keep them away in future. Often, a building will be experiencing problems with damp and once these are sorted, silverfish are no longer attracted in.

The main thing to do is get in touch. As soon as we know about silverfish in your property, we can do the rest.