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Seagulls are one of the most intimidating birds to have around your property. They will often gather in large groups and have even been known to attack humans, usually when they are looking for food or are trying to protect their nesting sites.

We have a lot of solutions to help remove seagulls from your property and will find the one that is right for you. As pest control experts with many years of experience, we fully understand how disruptive seagulls can be. Let us know if you need help with seagulls and we will put together a plan straight away.

When do Seagulls Become a Problem?

Sometimes seagulls and humans can live side by side without causing any problems for each other. If seagulls start to get over-confident, this is when they can start to become difficult to deal with. They can come ever-closer to your property and may even choose to nest there, causing damage inside and out. It can be even more of a problem for people with pets and young children if the birds begin to act aggressively.

Remember that this is not normal and you don’t have to put up with it. We can help you remove seagulls from your property and prevent them coming back.

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What Should you do if Seagulls Become Problematic?

There is very little you can do to deter seagulls on your own. It is highly dangerous to disturb nesting seagulls without the right equipment and it is illegal without a license. We are fully licensed and equipped to deal with your gull problem and can access the most hard-to-reach nests.

We use a variety of methods to control problems with gulls, including:

  • Putting up gull netting and spikes
  • Bird of prey pest control
  • Nest removal
  • Guano cleaning

Let us know if you need help with gulls in your area. Our lines operate 24/7 to receive your calls.