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Pigeons are a major source of stress for home and business owners in the UK. They can become a serious problem when they begin nesting in a building, or when large flocks crowd into a space looking for food.

Pigeons carry diseases and if you have a lot of them living near your property, you should take steps to keep them away.

  • Histoplasmosis – a fungal disease that can be caught from pigeon droppings. The resulting disease is often flu-like but can be more serious in some cases.
  • Cryptococcosis – another fungal infection that is often found around nest sites. Symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia.
  • Psittacosis – an infectious bacterial disease that is caused by older pigeon droppings. It can be mild or serious depending on the person affected.

How Can you Deal with a Pigeon Problem?

There is very little you can do to deter pigeons on your own. Properties need to be fully pigeon-proofed or the birds will just keep coming back to look for food and shelter.

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We have a range of methods we can use to make your property unappealing to pigeons. These include:

  • Pigeon netting or pigeon spikes to physically prevent the birds getting too close to the building.
  • Bird of prey deterrence. Birds of prey can be flown a number of times in the area to teach pigeons it’s an unsafe place to be.

We can also consider shooting and trapping in extreme circumstances. We are fully trained and fully certified.

Once the problem is under control, we can offer services like guano cleaning to help you get your property back to normal. Get in touch with the team and we will be more than happy to discuss all our pigeon control services with you.

With increasing popularity of solar panels, pigeons can become a real problem. Pigeons not only perch on or near the solar panels but also make a mess (called guano) that is a real health hazard.

We are experienced in pigeon solar treatment that often requires equipment to access roof solar pigeon guano. The area around the solar panels needs to be treated with biocide in addition to pigeon solar panel treatment. Our solar panel pigeon solutions have proven to be most effective and we’d be happy to give you a quote.

Pigeon control is becoming more vital as human health dangers are becoming more publicized. Expert pigeon control is necessary for droppings and associated bacteria, as fungi and parasites that both live and grow in pigeon droppings can carry and transmit over sixty diseases.

Pigeon Control eliminates human exposure to pigeon guano and their organic matter e.g. carcasses, feathers and their nesting material can present a serious health threat to those who come into contact or inhale the particles in the air. Pigeon guano on the roof and window sills poses a particular threat as particles can flow through windows and into air condition systems. Ask us about our pigeon control treatment solutions and ptroect your family.