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Glis Glis

Glis Glis

The glis glis, also known as an Edible Dormouse or Fat Dormouse, is a small creature that looks a little like a squirrel. If you have experienced glis glis in your property, you will know just how disruptive they can be. They usually live in woodlands and rural areas but, during cold weather, will take shelter in places like lofts and cavity walls. When this happens, they can make a great deal of noise and can be very disruptive.

How to Remove Glis glis

You cannot remove glis glis from your property yourself as they are protected. They have to be dealt with by professionals like us, as we have the relevant license. We will be able to visit your property, assess the problem and then make sure all pests are removed for good. It is illegal to use certain types of trap, so we will be able to use the specialist ones that are required by law. We can then recommend repairs to prevent glis glis re-entering the property in future.

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How do you Know if you Have Glis glis in your Building?

It is easy to confuse glis glis with other types of small mammal, like mice, rats and squirrels. These are some of the ways you can identify a glis glis:

  • Droppings. Glis glis will leave small droppings with pointed ends all over the area they have infested.
  • Noise. You will usually hear a lot of noise from these animals as they scuttle around in your loft or attic. They can be very active around their mating season.
  • Damage. You will probably notice a lot of damage as glis glis gnaw their way through wood, plastics and even metals.
  • Sightings. If you are able to spot the animals that are in your home, it will be easy for you to recognise glis glis. No other animal looks similar – they are the size of a large mouse but have big, fluffy tails like a squirrel.