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Foxes are a growing problem in rural and urban areas. If you are struggling to prevent foxes coming closer to your property and causing problems, you’re not alone. As foxes get more used to humans, they are becoming bolder and will get close to properties in their search for food. This is especially problematic if you keep animals like chickens and ducks, or small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits. Foxes are well known for breaking into animal enclosures so it’s important you can keep them away and keep your pets safe.

At Ninja Pest Control, we are experts in fox control. We can recommend a number of ways to keep foxes away from your property and tailor our advice to your individual situation. Call the team today if you are having problems with foxes entering your property – we can help you solve the issue for good.

How Can you Solve your Fox Pest Problem?

There are some steps you can take to protect your property from foxes. They are primarily scavengers so it’s important to make sure they can’t get access to rubbish and litter. Make sure pets and poultry are kept in secure cages or hutches that are completely closed off.

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If you need a helping hand, we can fox-proof you property to make sure these cunning pests will stay away. Here is what we can do:

  • First, a member of the team will assess you fox problem and come up with some recommendations to help.
  • We can set humane, non-lethal traps to remove foxes from the area.
  • The main thing to do is make your property fox proof. We will make sure the building is secure and deterrents are in place to stop foxes gaining entry.

Foxes are destructive pests that nobody should have to deal with. Let us deal with them for you. The Ninja Pest Control team will help you find a permanent solution.