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Bird Control

Birds can be a problem for homes and businesses across the UK. In many areas, birds are becoming too used to people and are causing disruption in and around properties. Issues can include:

  • Illnesses associated with bird droppings like Psittacosis and Salmonella.
  • Excessive bird droppings on windows, roofs, balconies and in other outdoor areas
  • Birds coming into gardens and eating plants or crops.
  • Physical attacks on humans, especially when birds are nesting and become protective.

Don’t suffer in silence – there is plenty that can be done to help control the birds that are causing problems around your property. Our team of pest control experts will be able to find the right solution for you.

Which Birds Usually Cause Problems?

These are some of the most common birds to cause problems in UK properties:

  • Pigeons. These birds tend to gather around buildings in large groups, scavenging for food. They will become ruthless and get far too close for comfort, often leaving unsightly and unhygienic droppings everywhere.
  • Seagulls. Some of the most aggressive of the UK’s birds, seagulls can be very intimidating. They will often gather into groups and will go to almost any lengths to get food. You certainly don’t want them anywhere near your property.
  • Smaller birds like sparrows and starlings often become pests when they move into your property to nest. They particularly like to nest in roofs and lofts, causing potential structural damage.

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How Can a Bird Problem be Sorted?

The experts at Ninja Pest Control can help you to rid your building of difficult and aggressive birds once and for all. We have solutions for all your bird problems, including:

  • Bird spikes and bird netting
  • Pin and wire systems
  • Birds of prey – these can be flown in the area as a deterrent
  • Guano cleaning

Bird Control Solutions from Ninja

When the problem is serious, we can also offer shooting and trapping services – we have full training and certification.

Talk to the Ninja Pest Control team and let us know how we can help. We have extra quick response times and a 24/7 emergency line.