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Bird Proofing

Seagulls, starlings, pigeons, parakeets… they can all be a problem for people living in different areas of the UK. At Ninja Pest Control, we can offer you a range of solutions to help you ward off problem birds for good. Some of our most popular bird control methods include:

  • Bird netting
  • Bird mesh
  • Bird spikes
  • Pin and wire systems
  • Floating covers
  • Bird deterrent balls

We are fully certified and have highly-experienced pest control specialists available to help you out. Talk to our team any time of the day or night – our phone lines are open 24/7 to take your calls. Got an emergency? Don’t panic. We will answer all calls straight away and can arrange a callout immediately where required.

What to do if you are Experiencing Problems with Birds?

Problems with birds need to be rectified by a professional. If you attempt to deal with nuisance birds yourself, you can make them aggressive and end up escalating the problem. This is especially true if they are nesting and have young nearby, as they can become very territorial.

Nesting birds, their eggs and their young are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which means you cannot move them. They can cause a lot of damage though, so it’s important you get in touch with someone who is licensed to deal with them. We are fully licensed professionals who will be happy to help you rid your building of bothersome birds once and for all. We can use equipment like cherry pickers and scaffolding to move nests that are located in hard-to-reach places.