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Ants can make their way into any building, even when it is spotlessly clean. The reason is simple – they’re greedy. They are looking for the foods we all commonly have in our homes or offices. Once they find them, the rest of their colony will come to join in with the feast.

There are three main types of ant that are commonplace in the UK:

  • Black Garden Ant
  • Flying Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant

All can pose a threat to your home or commercial building when there is an ant infestation.

What can be Done About Ants?

Ants live in complex and efficient colonies. If a colony is disturbed, ants can reorder themselves and return to a site very quickly indeed. This is why it’s important to seek professional help when dealing with ants. At-home solutions just aren’t going to do the job when it comes to these persistent pests.

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Here is how you can get your ant infestation under control:

  • Call the team at Ninja Pest Control straight away. The sooner the better – ants are fast workers and more can appear at any time. Let us know any details you can, such as where you have seen the ants and what they look like.
  • Simply wait for us to arrive and leave the hard work to us. Our team can identify the type of ant that is in your building and from there, we can determine the best course of action to eradicate them.

One the ants have been removed, you can help keep them away by:

  • Sealing all food
  • Cleaning spillages straight away
  • Putting pet food bowls out of reach

…but we will discuss all of this with you, and more, when we meet you in person.

Help with your Ant Pest Control

If you want further advice about eradicating ants from your home or commercial property, get in touch with the Ninja Pest Control Team. We have pest control experts on hand ready to answer your queries and point you in the right direction. No job is too big or small so let us know how we can help.